my story

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When i started back in 1992...

There was no Internet and emails just started... but the marketing basics of back then are still valid now more than ever: Know your customers in & out, be relevant to them, get your segmentation, value proposition, brand differentiation right.

Marketing & Sales got a little more complicated these last few years though with digital channels, content overload, disruptive competition and customers in full control. But this also offers a great opportunity for you to get more relevant & intimate with your audiences and build strong, engaged communities.


Your challenges are not unique...

Help, not Sell. Focus. Be more authentic and human. Analyse, Develop, Test, Learn, Optimise. Simple? Nope...

Through working for 10 sectors, 18 countries, over 25 companies from SMEs to blue chips, both as manager and consultant, I feel that I can now boost your goals & results and support CEOs, CMOs, CCOs best through my new focus on the right system, templates, tools, habits to ensure more sustainable growth.



  1. 26 Years experience in corporate marketing, including 8 in digital & lead generation
  2. Helped over 25 companies from 6 to 400k employees in 10+ sectors and 18 countries
  3. Freelance/consultant for 9 years, corporate 8 years and SMEs 7 years
  4. ISTP profile, explorer, virtuoso
  5. Transformed my lifestyle in 2014 with Paleo, Crossfit, Orthomolecular, Mindfulness, Yoga 
  6. Double Masters degree, Economics/IT, International Marketing age 22


so what ? HOW can you REALLY HELP ME ?

Sure, I'd love too... If you are ready to innovate. Through audit, workshop, methodology, checklists and templates I quickly zoom in on your key needs & priorities, finding a practical way forward to upgrade your Marketing & Sales teams, strategy or campaigns with your  business & personal KPIs in sight.



  1. CMO/CEO COACH - Your guide & advisor.  Your right-hand man. Strategy/physical/mental balance

  2. TEAM SHERPA - Your energy boost, part- of full-time, growing your future-proof talent mix

  3. STRATEGIC CONSULTANT - Short, fixed fee, clear deliverables. Your customer-focused vision and roadmap.

  4. INTERIM MANAGER - Your outsourced senior help, from analysis & transformation to execution & optimisation.