relationship and human-to-human marketing should be the core of lead generation

With the growth of digital & content marketing coupled with smarter customers, lead generation and conversion has been increasingly made complex... but also presents great opportunities for CMOs and CEOs who dare to innovate. The focus needs to be once again on customer journey and specific pain points, using big data and technology but mainly a human, 1-1 marketing approach across the most relevant off & online channels. Follow the guide here...



the impact of NOT investing in lead generation


Can you afford to be in the low-tier group and miss sales opportunities?

  • 80% of marketers report their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective
  • 63% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge, with 70% viewing converting leads as top priority
  • Lack of resources and time remains the biggest obstacle to successful lead generation for 61% of B2B marketers
  • 42% of companies find it difficult to plan a tactic for generating leads 
  • 38% of salespeople say getting a response from prospects is getting harder
  • Only 29% of people want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, while 62% will consult a search engine
  • B2B marketers say the #1 benefit of marketing automation is the ability to generate more and better leads. 

Source: BrightTalk, IT Services Marketing Association, Rain Group, HubSpot, Pepper Global


Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.
— Brian Tracy
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Lead generation is complicated. focus on quick wins and tests is key

No magic bullet or formula exists that work across sectors and companies. However I can accelerate your growth results by simplifying your approach and zooming onto the right channels, value proposition and segments using common-sense guidelines. See some examples below...



5+ core channels. 

Managed lead generation campaigns covering CRM (Salesforce), online, events and telemarketing, from inbound to outbound channels.


5 sales funnel stages. 5 kpis

Co-developed Marketing & Bus Dev dashboards for several firms, focusing on leads quantity, scores, cost-per-lead and sales funnel stages



Set up of EMEA Competitor Intelligence function for over 500 internal clients. Re-packaging Market Intelligence tools and coaching 10+ accounts/sales managers to increase win rate


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Philippe was instrumental in transforming the marketing function at Iron Mountain into a value-adding, data-driven and revenue-focused function
— Nick Porter / World Courier VP Commercial
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Based on your desired quantity, quality and Cost Per Lead defined together through my quick review, we will optimise your campaigns & channels using internal & external resources both off- and online. Focus is on building your personalised lead gen engine but first on starting customer-centric test campaigns and putting results-delivering quick wins into action.


Review of your last 12-months campaign results. Issues & opportunities assessment. Focus on your goals and ROI. Branding, content & personas audit

6-month roadmap with campaigns & channels mix. Selection of 2-3 test tactics. Rapid resources set-up from internal to external.

After testing/prototyping, building of 12-month lead gen plan and "basics" system. Resources and ROI allocation. Monthly review.


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