your team integration should be A "help, not sell" customer-first approach augmented by data & intelligence

Your marketing and sales people need to focus, together, with common KPIs and process, on engaging your best prospects and customers throughout their journey. This means taking a persona-driven, content-enabled consultative approach to survive growing disruption from competitors and customer demands. Aim to merge your operations into a Single, Unified "Revenue Optimization Machine" team.



the impact of TEams alignment across your sales funnel & buyer journey

  • Among organisations that use both marketing automation and CRM as part of an integrated technology stack, 74% reported aligned sales and marketing teams
  • 69% of millennial buyers prefer to engage vendors during the sales cycle using email
  • Sales and marketing alignment delivers, on average, a 36% improvement in customer retention and 38% higher sales-win rates
  • By 2020, 30% of all B2B companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes
  • Aligned organisations achieve up to 19% faster revenue growth – and 15% higher profitability than other companies

Source: (infographic), Act-On/Gleanster, LedgeViewPartners, SiriusDecisions


CEOs that build their organisation’s processes, technology and culture around the experience which buyers want and value will outperform their peers. This starts by aligning sales and marketing.
— Christine Crandell / New Business Strategies
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MANY OTHER companies also lack integration... SEE SOME CLIENT CASES

Your Marketing, Sales and Business Development teams still find it hard to talk the same language or reach common objectives? Not partnering effectively at all stages of the sales funnel or simply not mapped around the customer buyer journey? Check out below how I helped peers and could help you...



2 TEAMS - 1 Growth

Merged private bank’s Marketing, Comms and Bus Dev teams to then work more closely with Sales aiming for higher leads quantity and conversion rate



200+ sales people trained

Developed and led social selling training program for 200+ Bus Dev, Exec Committee and salespeople for higher brand visibility



By developing toolkits and coaching 10+ accounts/sales managers through a pan-European knowledge support program with consultants, large bids could increase win rate. 


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Philippe is a high-caliber marketing professional. Creative, articulate and extremely passionate about his work and projects.
— Nicole Berx / Highmind (Quanteus Group) Director
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Through an audit, workshop(s) and templates, I quickly zoom on key needs & priorities, finding a practical way forward to align teams or campaigns on your KPIs. This might involve change/people management, a buyer journey & persona workshop, a new workflow merging marketing & sales phases and activities, a proof-of-oncept or a reshuffle of your team talents.


1-1 Stakeholder interviews mixed with group session(s). Analysis of funnel, plan, process and metrics. Personas & journey insights

Co-development of change plan with monthly milestones. New workflow or framework proposal. Optional research

Through test campaign(s) and core talent focus, set up new structure and activities for quick ramp-up. Quick wins & long-term structure 


WANT TO ASSESS YOUR TEAMS INTEGRATION? Let's go through 5 questions 

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